There are two situations where an architect comes into our business. The first is when an architect approaches us before the projects start and ask us for advice. We take great pride and feel honored when an architect contacts us because they value and trust our knowledge and experience.

Building Owners

Building owners are the people we enjoy working with the most. Sometimes a building owner will go to a General Contractor, sometimes they will go to an Architect, sometimes they will go to Molnar Roofing directly.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial buildings such as factories, warehouses, schools, churches, hospitals and multi-resident facilities present vary different needs than your typical residential building. Most residential contractors are not structured to perform on a commercial level.


We at Molnar Roofing pride ourselves on our thoroughness and you will see it in every aspect of our performance starting from bid time, making sure nothing is missed. You will never hear us say “Oops we missed that in the bid!” During proof of submittal time,