Commercial buildings such as factories, warehouses, schools, churches, hospitals and multi-resident facilities present vary different needs than your typical residential building. Most residential contractors are not structured to perform on a commercial level.

Let’s look at some of the following concerns:


Knowing your contractor carries adequate liability coverage is paramount. If your contractor, working on your property is not adequately insured, chances are, it’s your policy that will be on the hook.

Staff/Support Staff

Many residential contractors and some “commercial” contractors have very few support staff. The “Owner” or “Manger” may also be the foreman, delivery guy, payroll clerk, human resources, and nighttime janitor. When your project requires architectural drawings, plan approval, submittals, payment applications, closeout documents, and warranty information; waiting for “The Owner” to get back with you can be frustrating.

Multi-System Expertise

Commercial buildings vary widely in their use, occupancy, design, and complexity. Furthermore, these buildings often have mechanical equipment and or process equipment on the roof. Consequently, commercial buildings have can have a vast array of materials and even various roof systems incorporated on the same building. A residential or “specialty” contractor many times is unable to service your entire facility.

Financial Equity and Bonding Capacity

Hiring a highly-skilled craftsman is a wise choice. However, if he or she does not have sound financial support or the ability to guarantee project performance, you could be taking a BIG risk hoping he or she can complete the job. In fact, your insurance company may not cover the completion of construction services if your contractor fails to perform.

At WM Molnar Roofing Co, safety training and safety compliance are not just jargon. Safety is our culture. Through a partnership with our insurance carrier, we work together to provide a safe work environment for our employees, customers, and the public. Documentation of our insurance coverage as well as additionally insured entities can be issued upon request.

Our office is fully staffed with estimators, project managers, project engineers, administrative assistants, quality control experts, yard/warehouse staff, and service technicians. Moreover, we partner with roof system manufacturers to bring our customers the highest level of support.

From our master craftsmen down to our entry-level apprentices, training is essential. We train with the manufacturers whose systems we install.  Whether the system manufacturer hosts training at their facility, or we bring them to ours, we ensure our mechanics are up to date on not only the current industry standards but manufacturers’ product-specific requirements.

Careful planning and commitment have been at the core of WM Molnar Roofing’s success.

We continually reinvest and reinforce our business operations. We are not a “one-man-band”. Our staff is continually learning and developing leadership to promote the completion of projects even when the “Owner is out of town”. Our project managers have the confidence and support to oversee projects from start to finish.

Am I a Commercial Customer?

Chances are if you are conducting commerce, providing educational services, manufacturing something, or providing health care; you are a commercial enterprise. Give us a call. We can survey your project and either provide you with an estimate or, if your project is not within our operating field of expertise, suggest a competent contractor within our network of skilled construction tradesmen.