Wm. Molnar Roofing offers full-service commercial roofing repairs service. Whether for new or existing customers we can handle all your roofing repairs. We also handle warranty requests Manufacturers whether we did the original installation or not. Part of our repairs services is inspections. If a building owner or occupant wants to see what kind of condition their roof is in, we will inspect the roof, then provide a full report to the customer complete with photos, our findings along with the next steps that need to be taken to remedy the situation and complete pricing.

Once you call us for a repair for something like a leak, we start with an investigation. We will first and foremost check in with the customer to make sure that we are all on the same page. Our service technician will then go up on the roof and try to identify where the leak is from underneath and then go up on top to determine what is causing that leak to show up. If we can make the repair immediately, we will save time for the customer. If the leak is more involved we will mark the area of damage for our repair technicians when they come back. It is important that our service technicians can identify the roofing system and any manufacturer that is being used. No matter if it is Firestone EPDM, TPO, PVC we need to be able to identify that system for repair specifications and that we have all the proper materials, but also for warranty claims. All our technicians need to know all the Manufacturer Specifications to guarantee proper repairs, which is why our technicians go through continual training so that they are well versed in the specifications for all the manufacturers.

As we get ready to make the repairs, we thoroughly clean the roofing area, whether it is soap and water, membrane cleaner or acetone, we will get the surface spotlessly clean because that is the only way the patching will actually adhere properly per specifications. We then use the appropriate systems materials, the membrane and flashing materials. We install everything to the manufacturer’s specifications. We make sure to take before and after photos and whenever possible we will take photos during the repair to show that the repair was done properly. We will then send these photos to whoever is responsible for the billing on these particular repairs. We then generate an invoice and photo report within 24 hours.

The main part of our service is that we will always maintain constant communication with our customers. When you call us we will let you know what time we will be there. If something happens that we cannot make the time frame that we promised, we will contact you and let you know the cause of the delay and keep you informed about when we will be arriving. We will also provide a follow-up call to make sure the repairs that we made are still continuing to hold up and if for some reason that area is still leaking or doesn’t seem to have stopped. We will go right back out and investigate and if we determine that it is something that we missed, the second repair would be on us. However, if it is something completely irrelevant to the repair we made it will provide you a quote, however, that will be a second billable repair

Preventative Maintenance Packages

Wm. Molnar Roofing is happy to offer individual, custom Preventative Maintenance Packages. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our maintenance packages. If a customer wants us to inspect their property twice a year or four times a year, we customize our packages accordingly. Preventative packages start with full inspection complete with photos and reports. As part of this, if while we are doing inspections we find minor repairs that we can make, a small cut in the membrane, a hole or an open seam we will take care of these repairs as part of the Maintenance Program. If we find anything that needs to be addressed on a larger scale, then photos are taken and a quote is written up for the customer.

Another benefit to our Maintenance Program is you are now treated as a “Preferred Customer”. If we are in an area where your building is located or if there is a large storm expected, we will stop off at your property and provide an impromptu inspection to help prevent anything from happening or repair anything that has happened. If at any time between inspections your building develops a leak and you call us, as a Preferred Customer you will go right to the front of the list. You will never be told, that we have several jobs ahead of you. We will move our schedule around to make sure that you are taken care of first.