Molnar Roofing – Preferred Customer Program

William Molnar Roofing is dedicated to taking care of all of your Commercial Roofing needs. We have trained specialists that can perform installs and repairs for all of the Commercial systems, and we take pride in making sure that we give your roof all the attention and care that you would give yourself.

We understand that keeping up with the maintenance on your roof might be something that doesn’t get the desired time for preventative maintenance that you would like to give it. It is our goal here at Molnar to help ease this burden. We have a program in place that outlines a specific strategy for year around attention to be paid to your roof/roofs.

Signing up to be one of our Preferred Customers unlocks a wealth of strategies and procedures for the care and repair of your building’s roof. We understand that no two roofs are the same and we will tailor our services to your individual needs and concerns. For example, a building with a 15-year-old roof could potentially need more care than a 5-year-old roof.

Initial Roof Inspection

First of all, we would meet with you and conduct an initial roof inspection to see the type of system we are working with, as well as the condition of the roof, and any current and potential deficiencies. A proposal would then be sent to you that would outline needed repairs in order to get the roof to an acceptable status.

Preferred Service

If, at any time, you experience a roof leak or issue while a Preferred customer of Molnar Roofing, your service call will be conducted at the very next time-slot. Preferred customers jump to the front of the line and your call will be handled as quickly as possible.

Various Check-Ups

At various times throughout the year, especially after moderate or severe weather, we will conduct visits to your building to check and see if everything is still alright. We may be out at a different job near yours and decide to pop in and check for leaks, or make sure there is nothing on the roof that could result in a leak. This is one of the ways we would like to establish ourselves as a partner to you and your business. We will go out of our way to take care or your roof.


When signing up for this program, you will gain access to our vast array of multimedia documenting the condition of your roof. We will measure the roof and have a comprehensive CAD drawing and file. You will have access to all before and after repair pictures taken during service work. We will also walk your roof, count, and categorize every unit, penetration, and anything else on the roof. This way you know exactly what is there and will have access to everything you need without having to step foot on the roof.