A Thermoplastic scrim-reinforced single-ply membrane, typically, available in White, Tan & Gray.

Some manufacturers may offer several additional preformulated colors. (Special Order)

TPO membranes are available in several width sheets available up to 12’ wide x 100’ long, as well as, several thicknesses from .045 to .080 in the standard membrane and available in a fleece back membrane from 105 mills to 135 mills.

TPO membranes offer excellent solar reflectivity, puncture resistance, easily inspected, and repaired.

TPO membrane roof systems are one of the fasted growing segments within the industry.

These membranes can be mechanically attached using the conventional screw and plate attachment with-in the seams or using Induction Welding Attachment Method where the Rhinobond or Isoweld plates are placed in a grid layout, under the membrane, attaching the insulation and cover boards to the roof deck and using proprietary heat induction equipment to fuse the bottom of the membrane to the specialized coated plate. The latter method distributes the wind uplift load stress more evenly throughout the field of the roof as opposed to concentrating the load with-in the seam.

TPO membranes can also be adhered to the insulation and cover boards, depending on the specifications provided by the roof system designer.


TPO single-ply membrane manufacturers offer a full line of innovative labor-saving prefabricated accessories, water-based, solvent-based and low VOC adhesives, vapor barriers, and a variety of installation methods.

TPO membrane seams are hot-air welded with nozzle temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on ambient temperature, the thickness of membrane being welded, and other factors.

Manufacturers offer long term labor and material warranties up to 30 years.

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