PVC membranes are like TPO membranes in that they both have scrim-reinforced sheets & methods of installation. White, Gray, and Tan are the standard colors, special order custom color may be available with minimum quantity order and longer lead time.

PVC membranes available in several thicknesses and are available with a fleece back.

PVC membrane roofs are an excellent choice for restaurants or other manufacturing processes where fat, grease, or oil is exhausted onto the roof. In addition, PVC membranes are resistant to a variety of environmental pollution, bird droppings, acid, and will self-extinguish when the ignition source is removed.

In short, PVC membranes are solar reflective, fire and chemical resistant, puncture-resistant & hold up well with foot traffic.

PVC membrane sheets are seamed using a hot air gun to weld creating a monolithic waterproofing system.

PVC is more flexible than TPO membranes and because of its flexibility can be installed in a wide range of temperatures.

PVC manufacturers offer a full line of innovative labor-saving prefabricated accessories.

Manufacturers offer warranties up to 30 years.

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