Roof Coatings are a cost-effective solution for maintaining an existing roof and extend its lifecycle before replacement is required.

When considering coating vs. roof replacement, one of the most important considerations is the condition of the existing roof material.

Provided the existing roof is well attached, smooth, and tight condition, several nondestructive methods can be utilized to determine the amount of moisture within the roof assemble.

Any areas of moisture within the roof system must be identified, marked and removed, roof patched, and prepared for a coating application.

The ideal coating candidate is an older, well-maintained roof, nearing the end of its’ life cycle.

A nondestructive method, such as an Infrared Scan will help determine the amount of moisture within the roof assembly, and, once identified, will enable a Molnar estimator to determine if a coating is a viable alternative to roof replacement.

Provided a roof meets the above criteria for a good candidate, a high-quality Acrylic, Urethane based, Elastomeric or Silicone product may extend the life of an existing roof 10 to 20 years, depending on specifications and other criteria.


  • Extend the life of an existing roof, 10-20 years at the lowest installed cost compared to roof recovering or removal and replacement. 10 to 20-year manufacturer warranties are available.
  • Minimal business interruption compared to roof replacement.
  • Increase solar reflectivity & protects the roof from UV rays.
  • Some coatings can withstand ponding water.
  • Decrease in landfill use- environmentally friendly.


  • The existing roof must be a good candidate for a coating system. Not all roofs are a good candidate.

Molnar roofing has the experience, equipment, and personnel to conduct an IR Scan, assess the roof condition, and consult with the owner to help determine if a coating system is a viable option.

Molnar Roofing is currently authorized by the following roof coating manufacturers:

Garland Company
Gaco Western (Firestone Building Company)
GAF Topcoat

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