Built-Up Roofing is one of the oldest and time-proven methods of installation for low slope roofs.

This method typically uses multiple layers of fiberglass felts bonded together with hot asphalt or coal tar bitumen followed with a smooth coat finish or aggregate surfacing.

For many years built-up roof systems dominated the low slope commercial roofing market, then, as oil prices skyrocketed and other hybrid or single-ply membranes entered the low slope market with competitive pricing and long-term warranties, built-up roofing became less competitive.

Since asphalt is a derivative of oil production, as the price per barrel of oil cost increased- built-up roofing materials increased as well.

Built-up roofing is still performed today by a handful of the more established commercial roofing contractors, Molnar roofing has the necessary experience, equipment, and personnel to assist an owner and help make an informed decision.

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